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Scott Bond

Scott Bond Scott has been involved in hockey at many levels and has established himself as one of the games top performance coaches. Scott has developed a reputation as an expert in many areas of the game through an analytical and progressive approach to skill development. By carefully profiling player’s skill sets and building customized training programs, these players are better able to transfer their skills to game habits and create a competitive advantage. More that 130 of his clients have obtained NCAA scholarships and 29 have been NHL draft picks.

Prior to becoming a coach, Scott played high school hockey for Frank B. Kellogg in Roseville Minnesota, two seasons of Junior A and four years of varsity hockey at Hamline University. Unfortunately, his playing career was interrupted by several broken vertebra so he began his coaching career as a conditioning and player development coach.

Scott’s innovative and practical approach to fundamental skill development is relevant to today's game. His process for transferable skill development allow his players to be highly effective at each advancing level of play. Scott also develops strong bonds and relationships with his athletes and families and always has his client’s best interests as his top priority. By building a strong rapport with his athletes, he is able to guide them through the various levels of hockey and help them reach their full and maximum potential.

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